• Everyone who use the VBA premises for any sports related activity (racket play or fitness activity) is required to have an active membership or register as a guest.
  • VBA reserves the right to limit the number of Guests and badminton court rental players who are permitted use the facilities.
  • VBA shall not be held responsible for vehicles or any damage to said vehicles while using the parking areas within the premises.
  • VBA staff may from time to time, inform you about additional rules and regulations or changes, if any.
  • VBA members, guests and court rental players must check-in at the front desk using the biometric system/any other electronic system provided.
  • All chargeable fees shall be paid prior to access be given to the facilities.
  • VBA reserves the right to restrict the use of the facilities of any members should any fees due under the membership agreement are unpaid. Specifically, there must be at least one member on each court throughout the booked period. A single member MAY NOT book a court on which there are no member players.
  • VBA has instituted a cell phone policy for the protection of each Member’s privacy and safety as well as to maintain a peaceful environment for all to enjoy. Cell phone use is prohibited in all facilities. Common social areas such as parking space and open spaces may be used for conversations. We appreciate your adherence to this policy on behalf of your fellow members.
  • Children under 12 years of age must have parental supervision at all times, on and off the courts. Children must not, at any time, loiter or play in the parking area. If so, VBA will not be liable for any incidents.
  • Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed on the floor court areas except water. Anyone who violates this policy will have to dispose the food or drinks immediately or be required to leave VBA premises immediately.
  • All members and guests who use any of the VBA courts realize and accept that badminton is a vigorous sport and is possible to sustain injuries when playing. All members and guests play badminton at their own risk, The academy shall not provide any emergency medical assistance or transportation to medical facility.
  • Non players, including children are not permitted to be on the courts at any time.
  • VBA does not allow smoking, spitting, gum chewing, animals or weapons in the facility.
  • No alternate time will be provided if time is lost due to power cuts.
  • No Photography or taking of videos are permitted.
  • Except for VBA no other professional coaching activities are permitted.
  • All class cancellations and building closings due to weather or emergency will be posted on the announcements page under Academy overview menu of our website. Please understand that there might be an unexpected occasion that will require us to cancel or close without advance notice.
  • Any one found to be violating this policy will be required to leave the VBA premises
  • Immediately without refund and may be barred from entering the VBA premises in the future



  • All players must wear a T-shirt at all times while on the courts. -Shorts of jean material are not permitted.
  • Black soled shoes of any kind are not allowed.
  • shoes to be worn on the courts are to be brought into the club and players will change into those shoes prior to entering the court area. Regardless of the footwear type, wet, dirty or shoes that have been worn outside will not be permitted on the courts. Likewise a player who leaves the court to go to the parking lot will not be allowed to wear those shoes back on to the courts.
  • Street shoes, slippers, flip flops or any kind of footwear not specifically designed for badminton is not permitted.
  • No Street clothing, Sleeveless T- Shirts, tops with vulgar language or defamatory logos or designs.
  • Everyone needs to bring a towel and full water bottle.


  • VBA members, guests and court rental guests (herein referred to as ‘players) are subject to the rules and guidance of the VBA staff and must wholly respect and follow staffs instructions and club regulations at all times while playing in the club.
  • Players agree to conduct themselves in a quiet and well-mannered fashion when in the club and not cause any disturbances or interfere with the safe use or enjoyment of the academy by other players.
  • Members and Guests shall restrain themselves from using profanities while in the premises.
  • Members and Guests shall restrain from physical contact with another person in any angry or threatening way. Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures. body language or any other menacing behaviour.
  • ‘Players, guests or staff shall not conduct, purchase or subscribe to any unauthorized commercial business or activity on club premises without the club’s prior written or verbal approval. Upon discovery of any unlawful solicitation whatsoever on VBA premises, VBA shall reserve all rights to revoke any membership or refuse entry of any and all players into the VBA facility.
  • Players understand and acknowledge that VBA has no expertise in diagnosing. examining or treating any medical condition, including open cuts, abrasions, sprains, sores, infections, maladies or inability to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Players agree to use the facility in accordance with all applicable public health requirements.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to consult with a physician to determine if any of these conditions exists and, if so, whether such conditions pose a direct threat to the health and safety of the player and others.


  • VBA accepts guest drop-ins for those interested in trying out the academy before joining.
  • All guests must be 18 years old or above as of 1 June 2016.
  • We cannot guarantee availability for drop-ins. Please call us & check the availability.
  • Guests are only welcome while overcrowding is not being experienced. This is important because the academy prioritizes members over guests.
  • Guests are expected to follow all of the rules of the academy, no exceptions